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Jen Foster

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Jen is an amazing singer/songwriter who defines the cutting edge of independent artists. She and her team tirelessly work the social networking sites promoting her albums, songwriting, and shows. And it's paying off! Jen's song "Venice Beach" is the theme song for an internet dramatic series of the same title. "Closer To Nowhere" can be found in the Rock Band video game series.

Jen's album Thirty-Nine is a production/engineering/mixing project I am particularly proud of. I was able to bring in some of my favorite players on this one: Peter Stroud (guitars) from Sheryl Crow and Sarah McLachlin's bands, Rami Jaffee (keyboards) from the Wallflowers and Foofighters, Fred Eltringham (drums) from the Wallflowers, Dixie Chicks, Wreckers, and Sean Hurley (bass) from Vertical Horizon and John Mayer. Also, world-renowned session players Kenny Greenberg (guitars) and Eric Darken (percussion).

"Greg Droman is not only a consummate engineer and producer, but one of my favorite human beings on the planet. I've never had a better time in the studio than I had with Greg, working on my Thirty-Nine project. He brought together a dream-team of musicians - and then he recorded and mixed them to perfection. That's the thing I love about working with Greg - he doesn't stop until he's got things sounding the best they can possibly sound. And he makes the whole process fun, from start to finish."
- Jen Foster

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